Social Media Marketing Strategies To Increase Brand Awareness?

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    24 Jan 2023
Social Media Marketing Strategies To Increase Brand Awareness?

Social media is now regarded as the medium for the brand–building, by promoting brand recognition, raising brand awareness and finally managing brand reputation. To boost brand awareness through social media marketing, you will have to first understand your audience and post engaging content consistently. From the collected positive feedback, it becomes easier to create stronger content. These are the steps for reaching a wider audience, building brand awareness and strengthening customer relationships.

If you ever consider how a social media marketing agency in Peterborough, uk summarizes a social media marketing plan to promote a business and raise brand awareness, then know that social media marketing strategists fulfil a list of fundamental tasks for developing a fruitful strategy.

1. Conducting Social Media Audit Is Always The First Step

Reviewing the current social media accounts clears insight into what is working, what is at a pause and what should be improved. Through this social media audit, the foundation of the social media strategy is developed. In the auditing procedure, a set of factors are identified which include –

  • The social media sites generating maximum and minimum engagement
  • The followers’ movement on each site – whether they are going high or down, or is at the same level
  • The capacity of providing fresh content to all social channels
  • How much cash and time are being spent on each channel over a particular time
  • The rate of return for diverted resources into each social media channel is to be determined by the amount of traffic being directed to a website, or how frequently are the customers reached through the channels


2. Identifying the Target Audiences

Identifying the target market and then directly targeting them effectively needs to clearly understand the demographics. How the audiences participating on specific platforms provide the data on how to better focus the efforts on the social media sites.

3. Deciding on 2 – 3 Social Media Platforms Best Befitting The Target Audiences

The specialists of any renowned social media agency always prefer to be effectively active on 2–3 social media platforms, other than spreading too thin. The platforms are selected according to where the customers are hanging out. Facebook, with its tools and strategies, is a broad market to focus on for marketing a brand. Next follows Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with the distinguished market segment. Even Pinterest is included.

Even if the demographics are vital to formulating a social media marketing strategy, social media marketers are aware of how each social network is perceived, since they are all associated with a few cliches. But these cliches are not about each social network's hard rules. Nevertheless, they are remembered at the time of developing the social media marketing strategy to understand where the efforts levy the maximum impact.

Added to the knowledge of determining the social media networks where the target audiences are most active, monitoring the metrics is equally important. Often, a social marketing channel could generate better results regardless of the produced target audience data.

4. Determining the Vital Metrics

Metrics indicate the success of your efforts, hence these are crucial to a social media marketing strategy. While likes and the number of followers are the vanity metrics, the metrics to focus on are the conversions, Click–Through–Rates (CTR), engagements, brand mentions, reaches and impressions. Added to it, the vital metrics are based on the industry, company size and its goals.
A broader perspective is needed to emphasize the most important social media key performance indicators. Along with the social media marketing success, the overall marketing goals are to be accomplished.

Conversions are the crucial metrics to establish the social media account's value.

A higher number of click-throughs from social media accounts to promotions on the company website is another strong signal. When traffic is redirected from social media platforms, then it forms a vital step towards conversions.

Similar to the click-throughs is the CTR which measures how many times people are clicking on the website link to the number of times the contents had been displayed.Engagement is another vital metric for tracking since it marks the ratio of the total count of social interactions to how many times the content was seen.

Impressions and Reach are further important indicators to demonstrate the strategy being on the right track, often acquiring the conversations is just a numbers game.Brand mentions are even the metrics to be careful of. Once the customers are happy with products and services, they tag the brand, mention the brand and use the hashtags on social media.

5. Setting the Social Media Marketing Goals

On identifying the channels with the highest potential return on investment (ROI), goals are created for social media marketing strategy. To comply with the business goals, the social media marketing strategy should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant And Timely).

A KPI is used for the goals to be measurable. But for each platform, the KPIs are different. These comprise a list of metrics like the followers count, total shares, reaches, brand mentions, conversion rates and engagements in the form of likes and comments.

Right at the strategy development stage, the focus should be on the smaller, attainable goals so the motivation is there till the end. By selecting a few goals, accomplishments become quicker and it results in the best ROI.

Differentiating Between A Goals And A Dream is the Deadline

The social media marketing specialists keep themselves focused after breaking down the larger social media marketing strategy goals into smaller goals in lesser time frames. This is how they achieve the final objective. They document the goals and create benchmarks to achieve them more quickly.

6. Researching The Competitors

This step is never missed. What the competitors in your industry are doing on social media networks has a huge potential to unlock. The strategies serve as good notes which are then adapted and modified.

7. Creating and Sharing the Engaging

From all gleaned audits and research, now creating a content plan for social media sites is easier. Once the content type to be produced is developed, then the technical basics for the different platforms are taken care of, like the optimal dimensions and file sizes. Despite the new information, all the created content is ensured of fitting the brand's identity.

8. Presenting The Audience Exactly As They Want

While the social media content creators are developing the content, then they strike a balance between useful and promotional content. By being true to the brand, they work on video content, stories and infographics since the audiences prefer them.

9. Being Social and Building Up A Community

After creating amazing content, interacting with the audience is imperative. So, the marketers inform the brand owners to respond to the comments and stay social on their platforms. The step earns appreciation while providing a personalized touch to the brand.

10. Determining the Optimal Posting Times

Posting the content at the right time is a systematic pattern. Before that, the content plan and calendar identifying when should the postings be done are scheduled.

11. Tracking Results

Once the social media marketing strategy is launched, then it is ensured it is meeting the marketing goals. Based on results, they tap the opportunities to improve them continuously.

As you can see, there are many ways to raise brand recognition, and social media is unquestionably one of the most effective platforms for doing so. You can converse with your clients and meet new individuals just as readily. You also have a fantastic channel to distribute your content. Just be sure to use each platform sensibly and, of course, to interact and communicate as needed.

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