Email Marketing
Personalized and Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns For Nurturing Warm Leads

Tailored Email Contents and A/B Tested Campaigns Speeding Up Sales Cycle

Email Marketing

Our Approach To Promoting Brands With Email Marketing

Raadl IT Solutions excels at enriching businesses to gain new contacts and enquiries through exceptional professional and graphically led B2B email marketing. In our email marketing plans, we include campaign creation and management combined with targeted designs and communications for all devices along with new contact data.

we believe in crafting personalized emails for specific target audience groups for delivering maximum response rates and ROI. Our artistic designers, HTML specialists, brilliant writers are experts are creating awe-inspiring email marketing campaigns for all devices and customers.

  • Email marketing automation for reaching out to multiple prospects.
  • Informative and engaging content from the scratch focusing on the audience starting from subject lines and graphics with texts in the email message.
  • Unique landing page content creation for each campaign to highly focus on desirous results.
  • Email Campaign Management from the beginning till the end.
  • Integrating email marketing with the website and CRM enhances user interaction with the website.

We Are the Experts In Art And Science of Optimizing Email Marketing Strategies to Engage Customers

List Procurement, Develop & Manage Strategies

We set up campaigns to target different prospects based on targets by location, industry, title and other details. Using unique algorithms, a customised prospect list is generated.

Strategic Planning Research

We create a plan for understanding the business completely, particularly the USPs and selling points. Alongside, we create content for a focussed target market.

Creating Concepts, Designs, Contents Creatively & Publishing

We work on the concepts, design email templates, create convincing content and draft for display, as planned.

Email Automation Technology

Setting up the designed templates to automation for sending bulk emails automatically to customers, we set up time and day for sending out immediate emails.

Email Analytics

To track audience engagement with sent emails using Email Analytics, and thus decide on long and short term business goals.

Lead Conversion Strategies

The complete journey is for leading customers through the sales funnel. We track audience responses for converting leads and send further emails to engage them to take action.

Marketing Automation

Reach The Inboxes Be Registered In People’s Minds

Our exceptional email marketing services will be helping you in emphasizing end-customers' values, beliefs, and hence connect with them.

Email List Management

To ensure good customer engagement, we manage the customers' email list and grow it with loyal and promising customers.

Custom Email Designing

For reaching out to end-customers sooner, we create specialized B2B, customize emails, and establish meaningful and lasting relationships.

Content Strategy And Content Creation

Contents, as a part of the marketing plan, are based on purpose, audience, medium and the email campaign type to be run.

Email Segregation

Segregating the email list for the targeted campaigns, we ensure relevant email marketing driving engagements


For effectively reaching out to more customers and driving engagement, we execute the email marketing strategy.

Continuous Monitoring & Evaluation

We go on monitoring the responses to evaluate the campaign effectiveness, make certain changes in the campaign, as needed.

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