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Through e-Commerce development, accessing the dashboard for sales and product cost management with the market trend becomes easier. Hence, for our clients' business to stand out, we are offering the functionality of ease of access, mobile-friendly, lesser loading time and SEO optimized. Our e-commerce website designers and developers create amazing online shops – they are built based on user experience that influences development, which is fully functional, secure, and easy to use. We rely on framing solutions in relation to e-Commerce websites helpful in the management and building of highly developed shopping platforms. Conducting analysis properly, we search the latest keywords and highlight the brand products. .

Being the leading e-Commerce web development firm in the UK, we are dedicated to providing professionally designed and developed e-commerce websites that are results of combined impressive front-end designs, simple and quick navigations and checkout processes. Further, our designed e-commerce websites include – Shopping Cart, Discount Information, Secure Payment Gateways, Search-friendly features for End-Customers, and Discount Information. By delivering faster-loading websites, the users enjoy a superb shopping experience and hence, keep on returning. Using the major platforms, namely Shopify, Magento 1, Magento 2 and WooCommerce, we design and develop e-commerce websites. A business determines the right platform needed. Once you contact us, we shall make you understand what is the functionality level you need, and then recommend the best CMS.

Requirement Gathering + Planning

After discussion, and collecting the needful, the technical team begins with analyzing the requirements. Next, the platform to be used is decided to go ahead with eCommerce website development.

Frontend Design + Modules Development

Based on the analysis, our front-end designer will create the e-Commerce website layout. Then, as per the client's requirement, like user admin, admin and super admin, we split it all into modules.

Connecting Links + e-Commerce Testing

Linking all the modules together, these are made ready for testing. E-Commerce website development is tested in different methods for avoiding SQL injections and Malware attacks.

Hosting on Live Server

After the eCommerce website has been completed, then along with the payment gateway integration and SSL, and make it live. Now, the buyers can find out what they need to buy, and return to the same place sooner or sometime in the future.

Important e-Commerce Websites We Offer To Deal With Brand Benefits

  • Rich-featured, sustainable and secured B2B Market Places for providing the products in their best deals to competitive businesses.
  • B2C Ecommerce Platforms for achieving digital prosperity by connecting with customers through a credible medium that is a feature-packed and interactive web portal.
  • Multi-Vendor Platforms boost market identity by bringing multiple vendors to one platform where all the brands are permitted to market their products online.
  • For supporting the e-Commerce development site, we work on API Integration solutions for improving Billing and Order Management, Customer Management, Payment Integration and enable Analytics Support.
  • CMS Integrations permit the brands to extend to maximum potentials through the platforms like Customized PHP Framework, PrestaShop, Magento, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Open Cart.
  • Building the businesses from conventional web portals to modernized high-end e-Commerce platforms, we ensure Migration and Upgrading. Utilizing proper techniques, we help in brand credibility through Secured Sites and Pages and keep the site protected from malware, hackers and viruses.

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Key Features Integrated in E-Commerce Web Development

All the e-Commerce websites we design and develop are integrated specialized designs with a wide range of themes and premium templates that deliver a positive impact. Along with a CMS friendly system, we are delivering a manageable, organized, responsive and functional platform for the customers to explore and remain engaged. The pricing, product-related descriptions, images, contents, offers and videos render quality in site management together with technologies. We give constant connectivity for our clients to comprehend and meet their business objectives within a given time. To convey our strategies for benefiting the brand, we rely on quality and ensure in increasing the traffic and users as soon as the site is made live.

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User-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website Designs
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Content Management Capabilities
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Search Engine Optimized
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Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page
Promotion And Discount Management
Product and Category Management
The Ability To Scale Up
Promotion, Discount and Coupon Management
Customers’ Data Collection
Order Status Updates
Easy-To-Use Checkout
Easy to Use Payment Process and Checkout
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