Salesforce Implementation for Individuals

Salesforce Implementation decisions are meant to be executed with confidence. The only way out of the productive Salesforce implementation is exploring the Salesforce features and functionality. Overall, gaining clear knowledge is very important. Raadlt IT Solutions has come up with a Salesforce Implementation discussion–based class to foster learning about standard and custom objects and applications, data visualization, data management, flow automation tools, security mechanisms and a lot more. Our classes are meant to successfully navigate the key phases and milestones pertaining to a Salesforce Implementation, effectively communicate the critical business needs, and provide all the essential directives to the team members tasked with solution-building for delivering a robust Salesforce solution in order to achieve the business goals.

The Target Audience 

We have designed this course for enthusiastic individuals and budding aspirants supporting Salesforce Implementation in its full decision-making capacity. The professionals are, but not only restricted to business analysts, project managers, IT managers, executive sponsors and executive leaders. The professionals tasked with solution-building responsibilities can even benefit from this course.

Enrolling on the Salesforce Implementation course with Raadl IT Solutions will help you with Internships (Hands-On Experience), Corporate References and a Certificate of Attendance. This is the time to grow your career.

Course Objectives – 

Identification of key stakeholders necessary for a successful Salesforce Implementation –

  • Description of the Salesforce data model related to Customer 360, Salesforce Clouds and the Salesforce Platform.
  • Communicating the appropriate security measures necessary for controlling org and data access.
  • Discussion on the standard or custom objects and applications necessary to be implemented on the basis of specific requirements and use cases.
  • Effectively strategizing the data migration procedure into Salesforce org along with high data quality maintenance.
  • Understanding Salesforce automation tools and their way of solving various business challenges.
  • Analyzing Salesforce data with Reports and Dashboards.
  • Navigating the key phases and milestones related to Salesforce Implementation.

Salesforce Implementation Concepts – An Introduction

Salesforce Data Model 

  • Discovering the Customer 360 Platform
  • Examining Salesforce Clouds
  • Navigating the Salesforce Platform
  • Reviewing the Salesforce Platform Data Model
  • Understanding Data Visualization

Security and Access 

  • Creating Users
  • Accessing the Org
  • Controlling Data

Objects and Applications 

  • Reviewing Standard Objects
  • Understanding Custom Objects
  • Exploring Standard Applications
  • Discovering Custom Applications

Salesforce Customization

  • Working with Fields
  • Designing Page Layouts
  • Understanding Record Types
  • Reviewing Dynamic Capabilities

Successful Data Management 

  • Determining Data Strategy
  • Creating Data
  • Ensuring Data Quality

Process Automation 

  • Streamlining Business Processes by Using Automation Tools
  • Learning Purpose-Driven Automation
  • Automating with Flow

Data Analysis Using Reports and Dashboards 

  • Organizing Reports and Dashboards
  • Building Reports
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Creating an Analytics Strategy

Adoption and Continued Improvement 

  • Adopting Your Implementation
  • Evaluating Continued Improvements

Starting Salaries : £21000-40000 starting salary depending on which Traineeship you start, with £28000 being the average

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