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The SCRUM Master Training Course has been designed for providing an in-depth understanding of the Scrum framework. The Scrum Framework is an Agile Project Management methodology. The course is covering the principles, practices and roles of Scrum. The entire focus of Scrum is on Scrum Master's role as a coach, facilitator and leader. Learners will be learning how should they effectively implement Scrum in their organizations, lead Scrum teams and promote ongoing improvements.

The Course Duration would be around 1 month each.

Requirements –  

No prerequisites are applicable for taking up the Scrum Master Certified (SMC) certification examination. Nevertheless, is recommended for attending the Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) TM course before attending the SMC training.

RELY ON US For We Are Providing Internships (Hands-On Experience), Corporate References and Certificate of Attendance To Grow In Your Career. 


  • Introduction to Scrum’s Key Concepts
  • Agile Overview
  • Scrum Overview
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Scrum in A Project
  • Exercise – Iteration Ball Passing
  • Scrum Project Phrases

  • Case Study – Creating Product Backlog
  • Scrum Project Phases – Planning and Estimation
  • Exercise – Estimation
  • Case Study – Sprint Planning
  • Scrum Project Phases –  Implement
  • Case Study – Paper Prototyping  and Daily Standup
  • Scrum Project Phases – Review And Retrospect
  • Case Study – Sprint Review Meeting and Retrospective
  • Scrum Project Phases – Release

Starting Salaries : £21000-40000 starting salary depending on which Traineeship you start, with £28000 being the average

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When should I take the examination?
    Answer – You should take the examination on your own once you have successfully completed the Certified Scrum Master course. Your Certified Scrum Trainer will be registering your attendance on the course with The Scrum Alliance. You shall receive an email with your Scrum Alliance membership details and an invitation for taking the online examination.
  1. How worthy is Scrum certification?
    Answer –  The certification you are going in for is the main concern. You have to ensure selecting the certification aligning with your company's operations and your own career goals. As most of these certifications are efficient, so you are most likely to get a career bump much more quickly compared to other professional certifications.
  1. How can I become a certified scrum master?
    Answer – Before you are starting the process, ensure you are well aware of the course requirements of the program you are willing to take up. A few certifications ask for on-the-job experience, while others need you to attend workshops from their certified educators.
  1. Are Scrum Masters in demand?
    Answer – Yes. The Scrum Masters have high demand. Most job postings include Scrum Master language and skills in them. So, you have a bright chance of standing out in your resume with a Scrum Master certification.
  1. Are the CSM certifications tough?
    Answer – CSM certifications are as difficult as any course in need of a lot of new information. Now because there are so many different types of courses to take up, then you will be able to find the one with your schedule and learning style.

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