6 A/B Tests For PPC To Try Out Without Fail

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    3 May 2023
6 A/B Tests For PPC To Try Out Without Fail

Testing is one of the most important parts of successful PPC management. If you're not actively trying new things in your account, such as ad copy or demographic targeting, your account will get stagnant and you won't be able to improve as much as you could.

What exactly is A/B Testing in PPC?

Before we get into the many items to test, let's define A/B testing in the context of PPC. A/B testing is a method of testing that compares the performance of two variables. An A/B test, for example, would allow you to compare the performance of two distinct ads in an ad group if you were trying to pick between ad copy possibilities. You might then choose the ad copy that resulted in the most conversions.

Now that we've established what A/B tests are, here are six A/B testing suggestions for your PPC account. Although we have made it easy for your understanding, better is to let the experts of a PPC marketing agency in Peterborough, UK do it for you.

1. Responsive Search Ads

The initial A/B testing strategy is to use Responsive Search Ads. Google's newest search ad style, responsive search ads, allows you to add several headlines and descriptions to a single ad. Google then automatically examines various ad copy combinations and gradually begins to favour the best-performing combinations. Testing responsive search advertising, in addition to ad wording, is a terrific approach to designing and testing more relevant ads in your account.

2. Insertion of Dynamic Keywords

Dynamic keyword insertion is another ad feature of the A/B test. A dynamic keyword insertion ad tool matches your headline to what the user is looking for. Google just adds the search query that users are using into your ad, making dynamic keyword insertion considerably more personal and unique than typical test advertising.

3. Copy for Seasonal Ads

Create and test seasonal ad copy as one little technique to make your commercials more personal. Creating season-specific commercials (such as back-to-school or holiday ads) provides them with a level of uniqueness and relevancy that generic ads just do not have.

4. Advertising Messaging (Price vs. Quality/Quantity)

You'll find some form of a selling pitch for your product or service in the vast majority of PPC advertising, whether it's pricing, quality, or some other value proposition. Which distinct selling points are leading to maximum conversions is another preferred A/B tests for ads.

Assume you own a school that provides nursing assistant certification in three months. You may experiment with ad messaging that emphasises how fast the course is, how inexpensive the course is, or the starting salary of the job you'd earn if you passed the exam. All three are excellent selling points, so it's critical to test and determine which one resonates the most with customers.

5. The Landing Page

What landing page your ad connects to is one of the simplest A/B tests you can run. You want to connect to the most relevant landing page available for the keywords you're bidding on, but if you have more than one option, test them side by side to see which performs better.

6. Time (Advertising Scheduling)

This test necessitates running an experiment in Google Ads, but the work is well worth it. Creating an ad schedule is vital because your ads are likely to receive little to no conversions at various moments during the week. These hours could make or break your success rate in accounts where ROI is a significant statistic. You can accurately assess how presenting your ads at specified times affects performance by testing one campaign with an open timetable and one with a more refined schedule.

There are other ways to test in a PPC account, including far more than the few examples provided here. Any of these tests can help you learn more about the account and its performance, but the essential point to remember is that it doesn't matter what you test; just do something. Time spent not trying new things is wasted time. So go out there and test out some fresh advertising, a new landing page, or some new ad timing.

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