How Can You Find Relevant Social Media Content Ideas To Promote Your Brand?

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    23 May 2023
How Can You Find Relevant Social Media Content Ideas To Promote Your Brand?

As a brand, it's critical to consistently post content on social media so that your audience can stay informed about your most recent goods, services, and company news — and so that they don't assume you've stopped being active. You shouldn't oversaturate your followers' newsfeeds with posts because this will annoy them (in fact, 60% of customers say it irritates them when brands share too many promotional messages, and 46% of them choose to unfollow as a result), but it's still important to keep a consistent content calendar that caters to their wants and needs. We're looking at how to find entertaining, imaginative, and timely content ideas because we recognise that coming up with new ideas can be challenging at times. That is why resorting to firms providing social media marketing solutions to curb the attention of Peterborough in the UK audiences is worth the investment.

Search Hashtags

Making a list of hashtags related to your company and industry and checking them frequently to see what other people are posting is one of the simplest methods to get content inspiration. Here's how to accomplish this on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some platforms let you follow or store hashtags so you don't have to manually search for them every time.

Look At The Websites Of Your Competitors

Although it should go without saying that you should never copy another creator's work, there is nothing wrong with browsing your competitors' social media profiles to get ideas for your own. Look at how their audience has reacted to each article and analyse their best-performing pieces to determine if they employ any content formats or styles that you haven't yet attempted. Use the ones that have received the most favourable notice as a jumping-off point for your material. 

Consult The Audience

All of your material should be customised for your intended audience, so who better to solicit ideas from than your followers? Ask them what they'd want to see from your brand and why using the questions sticker on Instagram Stories or a poll you establish on Twitter. They could even give you comments on your current material or tell you about a nice new feature they've been using.

Employ Templates

With Instagram's ability to generate Reels from templates, you may quickly and easily duplicate a Reel you like. You simply need to swap out the stock images or video clips for your own in templated reels, which use the same music and timing as the original reel. These can be done by following either one of the two ways -

  • Using the Video Editor: Go to the Reels tab, hit the camera symbol, and then slide over to the Templates tab. You may choose to use more than one Reels concepts and develop your own.
  • Use the 'Use template' sticker icon located above the creator's name to modify an existing Reel you see in the feed. It should be noted that for this option to display, the creator must have given their permission.

A wide array of social media templates for both videos and still photos in a range of different dimensions appropriate for each platform are also available through third-party graphic design tools like Canva. These can be created online, downloaded to a computer or mobile device, and then uploaded to the platform of your choice.

While templates are really helpful for swiftly producing good visual material, it's crucial to customise them and add your logo where it makes sense. The last thing you want to do while trying to stand out from the crowd is to share content that is repetitious and identical to someone else's! When using a template, be sure to rearrange the pieces, modify them to match your brand's colours, and, if possible, install your brand's typefaces. By doing this, you'll be able to produce striking designs without having to start from scratch and keep your brand's distinctive character.

Current Audio

When a sound clip or song is trending on Instagram Reels, it means that it is becoming increasingly popular and is now being used by many creators, providing you with the chance to take part in a viral moment and so increase your reach. A small upward-pointing arrow next to an audio track's name in the bottom left corner of a reel denotes trending music. Instagram shows the number of Reels that have been created with each track when you visit the audio library during the Reel production process, so you can keep an eye out for trends there as well.

A vast selection of Reels sounds are available to anyone with personal or creator accounts, but if you have a business account, you'll probably notice a label saying that this sound has not been licensed to be used for commercial use, right next to a number of well-known tunes. To prevent copyright infringement, it's advisable to stay away from these. Don't worry, even as a brand, you'll still have access to plenty of trending clips because sounds that are acceptable to utilise will have an 'Original audio' designation alongside them.

Facebook Inspiration Hub

If the Facebook page for your company has upgraded to the new page experience, you may access the Inspiration Hub from your business dashboard. Three sorts of content are shown here: "Reels for you," "Popular hashtags," and "Popular topics." Look through these frequently to get inspiration and see what other users are publishing, whether they are your rivals, pertinent influencers, or simply well-known creators whose material is working well.

Instagram Inspiration Hub

Similar to how YouTube offers an inspiration hub full of ideas for Reels, common posts, and advertisements, Instagram does too. It is only accessible through the mobile app; to access it, select the professional dashboard icon on your profile immediately below your bio. Then, scroll down to the 'Tips and Resources' area, where you'll notice an option called "Inspiration." Click this to see a tonne of fantastic content recommendations from companies, authors, and other experts.

National Days & Awareness Events

Keep track of any forthcoming national or international events that might be relevant to your brand using an awareness day calendar like, and incorporate them into your content if they feel like a natural match. However, blogging about an unrelated event can make your content feel awkward and irrelevant and may give your audience the impression that you are out of ideas. As a result, be careful to only choose events that are relevant to your company's goods, services, and ideals.

These may range from well-known holidays like Easter and Halloween to incredibly specialised events like National Jelly Bean Day and British Tomato Fortnight. These occasions frequently include a hashtag that you may use to increase your reach and look for ideas from other users. Additionally, to establish relationships and take advantage of their audience if an awareness day is being organised by a certain business or organisation, make sure to tag them in your article.

Examine Blogs And Articles

Finding blogs and websites that are pertinent to your company and checking them regularly to monitor for news and insights is a fantastic idea. According to a Hubspot poll, one of the top 3 reasons people read blogs is to learn about job and industry-related trends. When you come across an article you like, you can either use the information to generate an original post or publish it immediately to your social network pages with a link.

User Generated Content

User-generated content, or UGC, is any media about your brand that has been uploaded by your consumers or followers and includes images, videos, Reels, Stories, and testimonials. You can post UGC to your social media pages when you're feeling uninspired or if you just want to give your audience a look at your goods or services in action. Just be careful to get the original uploader's OK first and give them credit in your caption. Sharing UGC is a great approach to fostering authenticity and trust because 90% of consumers find this type of content beneficial and are more willing to believe what actual customers have to say about brands than they are to believe flashy advertisements and polished promotional postings. Additionally, 79% of consumers claim that it has a significant influence on their shopping decisions, demonstrating how effective it can be in boosting sales as well.

Utilise Your Best Content Again

Repurposing older pieces from your pages is another suggestion for coming up with new material when you're running low on ideas. Examine the content pieces that performed best in terms of reach, impressions, and engagement from your past social media statistics to see if you can repurpose them differently. This could entail converting a Story into a Reel or Reel into a Story, posting a previous article on a new platform, or creating a retro moment to reminisce with your followers about a memorable experience.
The same holds for content from other sources, including your podcast or blog. Think about condensing your articles or episodes into bite-sized content pieces that can be shared on social media, perhaps with a link to the full version and a CTA encouraging people to click through if they want to read or watch the rest.

Social media marketing is not simple because there are millions of posts made to social media every day, making it sometimes feel challenging to come up with anything new that distinguishes your brand from the competition. However, by regularly conducting research and keeping a close eye on emerging trends, you will be able to develop a bank of concepts that can be leveraged to create content that has a real impact. We hope you'll utilise our advice to boost your postings, whether you want to improve your community connections, convert casual customers into ardent followers, or rethink your current strategy.

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