16 Christmas Marketing Ideas From Digital Marketers

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    22 Nov 2022
16 Christmas Marketing Ideas From Digital Marketers

The holiday weather is becoming real, and the brand owners are planning Christmas marketing campaigns. Buyers have to be fully ready before Christmas, still, they are expecting to buy some gifts from online stores at a discount. It can be said that Christmas is the high season for brands to make maximum sales and earn a high-profit margin.

Having a marketing plan finalized and preparing the products to be noticed by the early birds seems a pressure that should be handled skillfully to sustain the competition.

In every digital marketing agency in Peterborough, UK, digital marketers focus on Christmas marketing ideas, holiday promotion ideas and how should the sales follow to the next year for their B2B customers. The first step to start implementing is having a clear goal in mind.

1. Defining SMART Goals and Planning Ahead

Defined goals initiate sales during the Christmas period and so the digital marketers create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time–Based) goals. After outlining the SMART goals for earning more sales, the next is to go ahead. The in-lined core is increasing conversion rate, increasing social media activities, and pairing up with influencers by being compatible with the SMART goals. A marketing campaign created should be remarkable and surprising to the audiences to take action.

2. Continuing the Halloween Effect with Christmas Marketing

The effect of Halloween opens the gates to Holiday shopping. The same target market is targeted for Christmas shopping while drawing on new customers by using the Christmas hype. Their attention is drawn to the upcoming Christmas specials for Christmas-themed promotions.

3. Packaging Customization

Customers adore the unique Christmas packaging. So, digital marketers create Christmas-themed mailer bags for Email marketing needs.

4. Strategic Placement of Stocking Fillers and Evoking Impulsive Buys

Customers buy gifts that is where brand sales go high. Hence stocking filler products is vital. Herein UX and UI of an E-commerce store have a crucial role to play. So, the targeted products are placed on the first page of the E-commerce store so the buyers can browse and easily add them to the cart.

5. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Form the Marketing Allies

As a part of their digital marketing service UK, the digital marketers leverage the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns for promoting the brands and Christmas marketing campaigns. Value-added discounts in the form of coupons, extended guarantees and warranty help to increase sales. These titbits even build up an email list for the Christmas rush.

6. Imagery Update

The Christmas promotion is made visible on the web store, social media platforms and blog pages for the audiences to be informed about it. Updating the social media imagery, the digital marketers ensure the Facebook cover image and profit photos are updated to the Christmas theme – the audience knows the sale is live. Even they update the website theme entirely with the Christmas vibe.

7. Being Attentive of the Novelty Days

Niche marketing earns enough revenue, especially by catering to the demographics and engaging in smaller niche followers. Never are the winter-themed campaigns left out.

8. The Solution is Sold, Not the Product

Showing how the targeted products will be improving the user's lives is on the part of creativists. The designers and video makers create Infographics and videos for showing their way of use that solves the users' problems.

9. Using the In-Browser Push Notifications

Installing push notifications indeed works out for Christmas. The push notifications cover the store hours, flash sales, and last call for pre-Christmas purchases. These are sparingly used to save subscribers from overloading with excessive information.

10. Creating A Digital Catalogue With Prospective Christmas Marketing Ideas

A digital catalogue is indeed beneficial for re-engaging the previous buyers. Digital marketers capitalize on well-crafted photos, stunning imagery and quality design for displaying the products in the interactive catalogue linked to the relevant page.
In this way, it becomes easier to track the user's flow through the website. With the best web hosting services fulfilling all the E-Commerce needs, these changes sit easily on the website. Similar to the other content on social media, a blog or even the link in the main website navigation menu; marketing an interactive Holiday catalogue is possible.

11. Re-Marketing is Always on the List To be Ticked Off

Re-marketing ads convert well. Customers click on the pages when they are directed to the products they were looking for and have found them back in to pavilion. Re-marketing in the form of email marketing by reminding the customers about their abandoned cart and complementary products they have recently purchased are forms of re-marketing.

12. Creating A Gift Guide

By creating a simple gift guide, people's attention can be drawn to the products to be promoted as gifts. A gift guide means a collection of products people are buying as gifts. To create a gift guide in an online store, digital marketers first create a landing page showcasing all the products under one banner. This page is then promoted on social media for sales to roll in.

13. Email Marketing

To any E-Commerce brand, Email marketing is much essential. When Christmas time is near the corner, then email marketing proves noteworthy for driving up the email list to the prevailing promotional campaigns. Sending emails about flash sales helps in driving traffic. The used imagery in holiday email marketing is updated to highlight the Christmas spirit.

14. Using the Seasonal PPC Keywords

PPC marketing on Google and social media are proven revenue generation streams, but when the Christmas hype is to set in, then the keywords have to be adjusted along with the bids. Digital marketers advertise on Christmas-specific keywords at the right time and bring them to the customers' sight. They take up a good PPC Campaign after research and testing.

15. Gift Cards Are Always Ready: An Ideal Christmas Promotion Idea

Gift cards are the best option for customers who are unaware of what their loved ones might need. To let them know the business is offering gift cards, the digital marketers create a simple graphic on the home page as well as a link in the website navigation menu to the gift cards so the visitors are aware of the gift cards.

16. After Christmas Campaigns

To pump out sales when people are going back to the work after Christmas in the New Year, digital marketers focus on profitable after-Christmas campaigns. As necessary, the owned channels are leveraged for cross-selling the products. In this way, the marketers help the brands to sell the products which were on target but could not be sold off.

By implementing these Christmas marketing ideas, digital marketing specialists utilize the essence of this time. Hence, they freshen the website contents and social feed, plan the core promotions and schedule the early frees when the rush hour approaches. Along with these holiday marketing strategies, the marketers keep up with the core promotions.

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