Merits Of Prince2 Foundation Course For Individuals And Organizations

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    21 Sep 2023
Merits Of Prince2 Foundation Course For Individuals And Organizations

PRINCE2 is the process-based method meant for effective project management. Taking up the PRINCE2 Foundation Course helped in learn the fundamental skills required for growing into a successful project manager. PRINCE is the abbreviation for PRojects IN Controlled Environment. The course is used and recognized worldwide.

A completely scalable course with the most recently updated framework has made it easier on the part of the learners. Now it is easier than ever to tailor to each undertaken project.

Lately, PRINCE2 has been updated from the 6th Edition to the 7th Edition. Both the organizations and individuals will have to take PRINCE2 7th Edition Foundation and Practitioner examinations from September 2023.

The reason for launching the updates is to support individuals and organizations in meeting the challenges and opportunities they are facing at present as well as in the future.

How Does the PRINCE2 Foundation Course Benefit the Individuals?

By completing the PRINCE2 Foundation Course, endless professionals have been certified in the world's firmly established and most practiced project management method. The skills taught in PRINCE2 help in elevated project handling with success and effectiveness. Above all, you progress in your career. There are companies where the project managers have to be qualified in the PRINCE2 Foundation Course. According to 88% of project professionals, PRINCE2 has proven helpful to advance in their careers.

How Does PRINCE2 Benefit An Organization?

Since an organization is following the PRINCE2 methodology, the projects are bound to benefit from –
• An approach that is common and consistent
• Every stage is controlled and organized at the start, middle, and the end
• Regular progress reviews are against the plan
• Project continuation for business justification is an assurance

Organizations that have invested in proven project management practices do experience better success than those yet to implement. 97% of decision-makers could experience a positive impact from the certification. Their efficiency increased and employee satisfaction doubled.

PRINCE2 Foundation Course has proven to be of great help to the project managers in managing and controlling each stage, whatever might be the project type and scale. There is a lot of flexibility that can be tailored to suit specific requirements. Thoroughly planning a project becomes easier, even before laying hands on it. From start to end, every stage of the process is structured. Tying up loose ends becomes easier after the project is done.

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